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The boy with the 40 year old brain

A 40 year old heart attack victim wakes up in a hospital bed to find his perfectly functioning brain has been transplanted into the head of a 7 year old, brain dead boy. The horrified man has to quickly adapt before the unsuspecting mother of the boy, Tom, who’s body he now occupies, comes to take him home. Unprepared for how beautiful Rose, the boy’s mother is, he struggles to overcome his emotions and his feelings for the woman, who, for all intents and purposes, is his own mother.An evil billionaire paedophile, with just a short time to live, had funded a brilliant brain surgeon’s experiments on Tom for his own selfish needs. Now with the success of the procedure he was ready to put his plan into action whereby he would murder a healthy boy in order to relive his own life from childhood. With the help of his mother, her dysfunctional sister, his nurse and the strange girl from next door, Tom sets out on a strange and perilous journey of attrition in order to thwart the evil paedophile’s plan to import children from an East European orphanage and use them in his scheme to attain his lost youth. Along the way, they are subjected to a voyage of pain, laughter, tears and ultimate tragedy, as they each strive to overcome their own personal emotions.This is a sensitive story of a man trapped in the body of a young child. He finds himself in a situation that he neither asked for nor wanted. However as there is no way to rectify the predicament in which he finds himself. He has no alternative but to make the best of it

Joes Amazing Bone

When Joe, an eleven year old boy goes to the rescue of an old lady who is being harassed by older boys, he is completely unprepared for the gift she rewards him with for his bravery. But that is just the beginning of an adventure that takes him to a strange land with even stranger people and creatures. Along the way, he is befriended by the beautiful and elegant Queen Zirana, her cousin, Xzeriva and the charming fairy like lady, Myst. They, ultimately, find themselves in a race against time to save the unfortunate boy whos inquisitive nature has landed him in great peril. If they cannot rescue him in time, his mind and body, will be taken over by unnatural forces.

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