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THE BOOKS  Cowboys and Indians. Historical Western Romance


I have tried to keep my books as authentic as possible by taking a great deal of time researching the period in history pertinent to the era in which the story is set. However, in order to make the stories more interesting and action packed, I have embelished them with lots of incident and adventure as well as enough romance to keep the female readers happy.  

RUTHLESS In the year of 1885 young Benjamin Huntsaker saw his father shot down and killed and his mother abused and murdered by a gang of violent desperados. Alone and at just 14 years old, an orphan, he is befriended by a young woman who, although beautiful and elegant, turns out to be one of the most murderous and violent women the west has ever known. Raised by Indians, she is proficient with any type of weapon especially a knife and her trusty Winchester rifle and as Ben witnesses on many occasions and to his horror, she is quite prepared to use either to swiftly dispatch anybody who dares to threaten her. This is the story of the relationship between a young boy and the beautiful, statuesque and bewitching woman who has enchanted him into following her on a journey across the great plains of Kansas, Colorado and Texas in her search for the men who killed not only the boy’s parents, but abused and robbed the young woman’s friend. With the boy in tow, she relentlessly follows the killers over hundreds of miles of Bad Lands and through some of the most lawless towns of the period ruthlessly killing anybody who dares to stand in the way of her pursuit and quest to seek vengeance. However, neither the woman nor the boy are prepared for the bloody and unexpected conclusion to their journey as the final harrowing and violent showdown in a southern Texas town near the Rio Grande, brings a distressing and heart-breaking end to their doomed relationship.

Beautiful Avenger or insane assassin? At the tender age of just eleven years old, Ruth saw her mother die along with more than a hundred peaceful Cheyenne women and children, massacred at the hands of Colonel Bridgeport and his army of killers. (Cheyenne Dawn. Book two.)She vowed then that she would one day, avenge her mother’s death and the deaths of so many innocents. Now, after six years in the wilderness and forests of Colorado, she is back, tall, beautiful and mean and ready to kill anyone who stands in her way as she, not only faces danger at every turn, but also her own demons as well as the rages and confusion that invade her troubled and tortured mind. Archisha, the Cheyenne name her adopted father called her, spent six years training under his guidance, to prepare herself to face the challenge of hunting down and killing the man responsible for her mother’s death. Ruth is tall, pretty and elegant, but she is a cold hearted and remorseless killer who, despite her tender years, is willing to face danger head on and anyone who stands in the way of her reaching her ultimate goal be they good or bad, must bear the consequences, usually death. From an early age, she had been subjected to violence and killing, so it is inbuilt in her troubled mind to kill without compunction or feeling whenever she is faced by, who she considers to be bad men. She sees herself as a victim and whenever she is threatened, her only course of action is to lash out and worry about the consequences later. This is the story of a young girl and her journey from the mountains and forests of Colorado to some of the most lawless and wild town of Arizona, Texas and Kansas in her quest to find the man who killed her mother. During her epic journey, she makes many friends and enemies alike as well as mistakes, until her search finally reaches a violent and bloody conclusion with tragic consequences for everybody concerned.

Cowboys and Indians. Western romance. Historical western romance.

George, a malformed and crippled sixteen year old boy, finds his world turned upside down when he is taken from the safety of the farm where he lives with his mother by a gang of outlaws. After being forced to join in a bank robbery in which a woman and child are killed, he, along with the other outlaws, becomes a fugitive and is coerced into joining them when they hide out in a box canyon. When one of the savage and brutal men forces a woman they have kidnapped, into a log cabin with the intention of raping her, George comes to her rescue and kills the outlaw. The woman and boy then find themselves under siege from the rest of the desperados who have vowed revenge.    Without food or water they find that they must dig into reserves of endurance and fortitude they did not realise they even possessed. Their only reason for hope, is the belief that the woman’s husband and a posse are searching for and will soon find and rescue them. However the posse has run into troubles of its own having been ambushed by Indians who stole their horses and left them afoot. The demoralised men must trek nearly seventy miles over inhospitable terrain before they can mount any kind of rescue.

  Can the two fugitives hold on before they either die of thirst or are killed by the outlaws?

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